brni (brni) wrote,

mary weldon strikes back

we got a very nice almost-handwritten letter from Mary Weldon (wife of Curt Weldon), telling us in broken english that everything those people have been saying about her wonderful husband are lies. she and curt have 5 "wonderful children" and a "perfect grandchild." not only that, she has pink stationary. therefore, "He deserves to be re-elected."

there was a return address, which i looked up - looks like it's actually a residential area, near cheyney university in thornbury. big houses 'round there.

well, while i was looking stuff up, i found an interesting website called "," which details the amount of money received and spent by each candidate. it also lists each candidate's top 150 donors.

interestingly, 81 of weldon's top 150 donors were not pennsylvanians. that's 54%. and if you adjust for the fact that on the whole, the non-pennsylvanians (mostly people from corpus christi, TX, and washington, DC) gave more per donation than the pennsylvanians did, the actual percentage of $$ received from out of state increases.i am, of course, too lazy to do the math to figure that bit out, other than to note the trend.

in contrast, joe sestak has only received 22% of his "top 150" from out of state.


sorry, mary. it was a lovely pink, tho.

edit: ABC news just reported that the republican party has decided to pull ads for weldon and concentrate their money on less-lost causes
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