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went to see projeKCt at the keswick theatre. projeKCt 6 is a side project of robert fripp and adrien belew of king crimson. i'd sorta expected some sort of guitar duo thing, considering that they are both (amazing) guitarists, but adrien belew played electronic drums, tuned such that they made drum noises, but also bass noises, and some backup keyboard noises. strangely, they made no attempt to use any of the newer electronic drum sounds, that have started to approximate real drums. instead, they used the really cheesy original roland drum kit samples, the ones that sound obviously like fake drums. robert fripp played stuff that was reminiscent of his tape loop experiments from the 70s, laying down layer after layer of sound, each layer cycling through (though not necessarily with the same cycle), and then playing on top of that. one song in particular made me think that maybe a thomas dolby/robert fripp/stanley clarke collaberation would not be a bad thing (everyone should know who thomas dolby is; stanley clarke was the bass player for Return to Forever.

i have been trying to see robert fripp live in some fashion or another for a number of years - as in, since 1983. i have just had terrible luck in this. in 1983, my family planned a trip to portugal. king crimson was playing in philly the day after we left. we were in portugal for 2 weeks. king crimson was playing in the city we were in in portugal the day after we were returning home. king crimson posters were plastered all over the city. this pattern continued to plague me for decades. a couple years back i was in vegas for an ISP convention. turns out that king crimson was scheduled to play the House of Blues there the evening of our flight out. i decided that i'd figure out a way to bring my luggage to the show and stay as long as i could before having to catch a cab to the airport. i tried to buy tickets for the show, but House of Blues didn't want to sell them to me. they said there would be plenty of tickets, just buy them at the door. apparently they told everyone this, because when i got there the show had been canceled due to lack of ticket sales. i found out later that this is standard operating procedure for House of Blues and venues owned by HoB (like the trocadero in philly) - if a band doesn't sell out quickly, they try to discourage ticket sales so that they can cancel at the last minute and not have to pay the band (even tho the band had to pay to get out there). evil, if you ask me.

anyway, i thoroughly enjoyed the projeKCt 6 weirdness, and then was quite happy that the main attraction did not suck (at all). i am not sure if steven wilson would be happy with the comparison, but porcupine tree is probably best described as a comfortable mesh of pink floyd and tool. which is a weird combination that works quite well. i recommend a listen or two. one thing that was really cool about the PT show was that the first set was entirely new material. as in, not recorded yet. they played not one familiar song the whole first hour of their show. second set they played "old stuff" - as in, stuff from their recent album and prior albums. kinda refreshing change from the typical put-out-an-album-and-tour-to-promote-it schtick that everyone else does.

oh. the other cool thing was that we were second row, center stage. that was very cool.

gordon got a complement from steven wilson after the band came out the back door. "ah," he said, "it's the man with the tshirt that everyone in the band covets." gordon was wearing his Can "Future Days" tshirt. one of these days i'll have to give it a listen (the album, not the tshirt).

other thing that was fun was watching this little girl - maybe 8-9 years old - bobbing her head to halo. -smiles-
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