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it is the time of sacrifice. the time to pull them all out, go through them, and give of them the prescribed tithe to the rag god.

of course, i have a slew of perfectly good tshirts that i never wear, and the ones i actually like are the ones that are wearing out.

so, goodbyes go in no particular order to:

  • the blue-grey tshirt nancy gave me - falling apart
  • "the meat team" - threadbare to the point of transparancy
  • very nice dark teal cisco systems shirt - neck too tight
  • black "intel powers the internet" shirt - 1)is too tight and 2) lies
  • infinite body piercing shirt from pinkee - just doesn't fit right, can't explain what it is.
  • shirt my dad brought from indonesia - apparently XL indonesians are about the same as M americans
  • skinny puppy shirt from jen - finally gotten to the point where the decal is just garbled bits
  • "temple university bowling team" shirt (featuring a picture of a guy in a grateful dead shirt smoking a bowl) given to me by one of my students back in 1989 - old and threadbare
  • generic black tshirt w/ pocket - generally dead
  • sarah mclaughlan shirt - fumbling toward ecstacy tour - falling apart
  • ISPF shirt - neck is shredded (used to be my most comfortable shirt)
  • politics mailing list party commemorative shirt - 1994. dead.
  • infinite body piercing shirt that did fit ("anything less betrays a lack of commitment") - wore it out
  • onyx networks - aka the patrick gilmore exchange - never wear it. (company has gone under)
  • efficient networks - never wear it (company absorbed by siemens)
  • e-lysium - one of the stupider concepts for a company, but amazingly, they are still around - won't ever wear it
  • white ServInt shirt - these guys went bankrupt, screwing their friends out of lots of cash, and yet are still around - won't ever wear it
  • black ServInt shirt
  • psinet tshirt - another company that went bankrupt and disappeared (assets now owned by cogent) - actually a nice shirt but it's all stained now.
  • bright purple vovida shirt, from when they were first getting started - it doesn't really fit. more's the pity.
  • aqua shirt with sun and stars and some guys with spears and - are they dragons? - wore it out
  • trippy sun face with tentacles shirt - used to wear it a lot, but isn't part of my current "look" i guess
  • the far side "the real reason the dinosaurs became extinct" shirt - wore it out

shirts i'm keeping for sentimental value:

  • 2 "My ISP Sucks Less" shirts - back when Netaxs was run by Netaxs, and kicked ass
  • priori networks "You Could Be Dead" marketing campaign shirt. they spent their last couple hundred thousand on that campaign, and disappeared shortly thereafter.
  • my wedding tshirt (double-shotgun theme)
  • "naughty linx - like yahoo, but with balls!" - sent by a grateful customer
  • Miyazaki Laputa tshirt from Michael
  • Hamell on Trial (aka the Wedding Singer)
  • the ugliest tie-dye in the world - looks like the creator was having a seizure, and used acrylic paint instead of dye. very odd thing, that.
  • all my netaxs shirts


too bad nobody sells cool shirts anymore
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