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more mideast news

We all know that palestinian militants have captured an israeli soldier, and that this is the impetus for the current Israeli incursion into Gaza. The demands of the militants are that to secure the release of the soldier, Israel release all the Palestinian women and children currently held prisoner. This leads one to question why Israel is imprisoning children in the first place - that seems rather indefensable. Al-Jazeera reports (and I have not seen this reported in western media) that an Israeli group called the Gilad Shalhevet Brigades has kidnapped two Palestinian civilians and have threatened to kill them if the palestinian militants don't release the soldier in 48 hours.

Unfortunately, al-Jazeera's reporting at this time seems less objective than it was during the Iraq war and buildup thereof. At that time they appeared to be very much the objective/non-censored voice. Now there is a lot more invective against Israel and the west. However, there's still interesting bits of news that aren't getting reported in western media, and, while the reporting is clearly one-sided and biased, there's still some truth to be found. For example:

I'm seeing contradictory news in Israel's press. One paper (Haaretz Daily) reports that the rocket that hit their naval destroyer was of chinese origin. Another (Jeruselem Post) reports that that it was made by Iran and fired by Iranian troops inside Lebanon. Jeruselem Post has also reported that the rockets being fired at Haifa are Syrian-made, even though all evidence that I've seen (from other Israeli and western media) indicate that they are Iranian.

There's clearly some manipulation of the press going on in an attempt to implicate Syria in this mess, possibly in preparation of an attack against Syria.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese government has announced that it is moving troops into southern Lebanon, long controlled by Hezbollah militia. The results of this remain to be seen. If Israel holds off it's ground war, Lebanon will have to subdue Hezbollah, plunging Lebanon back into devastating civil war (between christians, Shiite muslims, Sunni muslims, Palestinians and others, and becoming a war-by-proxy of Syria against Israel on the one hand and the USA against the Soviet Union on the other: read for more info). If Israel does not hold off the Lebanese army will become targets in the ground war, and a significant escallation, probably into Syria, will follow.
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