brni (brni) wrote,

lebanon burning

Theoretically to secure the release of 2 soldiers who were captured during a military action, Israel has been bombing the snot out of Lebanon. At this point, they have killed 85 civilians, mostly children, and 1 Hezbollah member. They've taken out transportation and power, and have targetted communications and gas stations.

The ground war will probably start within 24 hours.

Europe and the US are making emergency plans to get their nationals out of the country. Rumors are that the US is sending rangers to sieze the airport and patch the runways (this would be an armed incursion by the US into a soverign nation, but I don't think that'll concern our executive branch - they're used to it).

Britain has sent two aircraft carriers allegedly for evacuation contingencies - but the aircraft they carry aren't real good for personnel transport. They're good for flying low and taking out missile silos.

In the meantime, Israel has given Syria an ultimatum - if Hezbollah doesn't disarm and return the 2 captured soldiers, Israel will consider strikes against Damascus.

Now tell me - how does it make sense for Israel to bomb Syria for actions by a militant group supported by Iran operating out of Lebanon?

We're looking at a major escallation in the near future, with the US and Britain backing the Israelis in a war to destroy Syria and Iran.
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