brni (brni) wrote,

days that make you go "grrrrrrr"

well, it was bound to happen, i guess.

my attempts to deal with the new 7606 over console were failing miserably, so i decided i needed to head down to annapolis to beat on the thing. had a "brief" conf call at 1, so was trying to get down there before that, spend fifteen minutes on a conf call, and get to work on the beastie.

so, i'm heading down rt 895, coming up to the harbor tunnel in baltimore. there's a tractor trailer in front of me, a car to my right, and some asshole who thinks that he can get me to drive through the truck if he can just manage to get close enough to my bumper in back of me. on my left is a cement divider. the truck rolls over something big and flat, and it lifts into the air. i have enough time to identify it (it's a 4'x8' sheet of wood paneling, you know the stuff that graced so many dens and rec rooms and basements in the 1970s, all crunched up and splintered), and it flies into the air in front of my car. i can't avoid it. i can't even slow down or this asshole will rearend me. it flips in the air, two dimensions collapsing into one, coming down directly toward my head, and hits my car vertically. then it bounces off and i see it come down on the guy behind me.

he slows down.

so, there's splintered wood sticking out of one of my lights, and my hood looks like someone swung a not-terribly sharp broadsword at it. my bumper is scraped. so it could have been worse.

but really, that wood paneling shit should have been outlawed in the 80s. it's dangerous shit.

so my "brief" conf call took an hour and a half, and then someone IMed me needing pr0n, and the damned 7606 was no more cooperative in person than it was in real life. so i fucked up my car and drove for 5 hours for nothing.

anyone recommend a decent body shoppe?
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