brni (brni) wrote,

to hellboy, and beyond

well, first of all, ron perlman is way cool. my favorite film of his was City of Lost Children, but he's just generally cool. hellboy was really fun. it had a little of everything, you can pick through the various parts and name the movies that various bits were appropriated from, but these were more homage to the artform than theft. good clean fun, and well worth the price of admission. in the end, it turned out to be far too much like some of the D&D campaigns I've recently been in (mainly because Kim is a very twisted woman).

been a long day. not enough sleep, due to being on call and all. morning was tough, especially since someone didn't understand that heavy cream is SUPPOSED to be thicker than half-n-half, and decided that it was best to pour it down the drain, so coffee was less satisfying than it should have been. then late to judo class, helping teach kids their forms, then karate class, then demolishing the inside of a building. tore up my finger pretty good. one of those "i should smack myself in the head for being so stupid, but i'll get blood on my face" moments. all in a good cause, tho - the karate school is moving into a new building, and we're preparing for the new construction.

dinner at the hana, of course, was indicated, and there was much sushi consumed. and saki.

and hellboy.

so, a long day. but mostly good.
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