brni (brni) wrote,

rosfest, take 4

Last time I wrote was sunday afternoon. Shortly after I shut down the computer, Mike, the manager for Pallas, came up to gordon and me and asked, "which of you is going to run the video camera?" um. So, I ended up running the camera for the show. I don't have a lot of experience with video cameras, so I hope it turned out ok.

Pallas was great. I'd never seen them, or even heard them much, but I'm very glad I did. As a special treat, their original singer joined them for a few songs. Euan is truly a nut. I can't imagine two more different singers than those two. Alan is a bouncy, energetic presence on the stage. Euan is more theatrical, and dresses up in costumes. The encore was "The Ripper," a song that they hadn't played live for a long long time, apparently, in which Euan plays the part of the Yorkshire Ripper and a victim, at the same time. Brilliant!

After the show, the guitarists wife dragged us to the bar, and there was beer and whiskey.

After that, we saw The Watch. Basically, it's an Italian band that writes and performs all the Gabriel era Genesis songs that Genesis never got around to writing. Its uncanny watching a band that channels Genesis, with a singer who sounds like exactly like Gabriel, and performs like Gabriel, and does face paint like Gabriel, but looks like Roberto Benigni. I kept waiting for him to say something like, "A beautiful little sheep! She was nice, kind, pretty. I called her Lola." He didn't. But worthwhile nonetheless.
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