brni (brni) wrote,


hullo all. just got home from an interesting evening in phoenixville, pa,
home of the "Rites of Spring Festival." it's held at the colonial theater
(famous for a scene in the movie "The Blob"). RoSfest is a 3 day long
progressive rock festival. tonight we saw Ephemeral Sun (not particularly
good), John Young (who was sort of like a proggy bruce hornsby), and neo.

neo was interesting - it's sort of a prog cover band / supergroup, playing
songs by the bands that the members are from. they played music by IQ,
Arena, Jadis, Pendragon, Shadowland, and Pallas. they'd apparently
originally intended to have Peter Banks with them, and also do some Yes
songs, but homeland security was apparently dubious about Mr. Bank's
identity and wouldn't let him in the country.

Saturday's lineup is:


I haven't heard any of those guys before.

Sunday's lineup is:

Magic Pie
Pineapple Thief (sounds a lot like radiohead)
Pallas (which i've heard described as "neo and symphonic prog with classic
rock tendancies")
The Watch (Italian band that sounds similar to gabriel era genesis)

There's apparently still some tickets left for Saturday and Sunday, for
anyone who is interested.
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