brni (brni) wrote,

look at all my trials and tribulations

la la la

is this thing on?

*bang bang bang*


ok, here we are.

i was almost killed on the DC beltway today. driving from richmond to pittsburg, i got up to the beltway, in fairly dense but consistent traffic, going about 75mph. this sporty red car comes flying up on my right, going prolly around 100, and then suddenly he's swerving into my lane - the car on his right had shifted suddenly directly into him, without signalling or looking. i slammed on my brakes, so the red car didn't sideswipe me, but it swerved dangerously out of control for maybe 15 seconds.

15 seconds is a terribly long time to be out of control at 100mph, and i was sure for a bit that he'd be rolling down the highway at any second, killing the lot of us.

fortunately, he regained control of his car, and we all survived.

unfortunately, when i slammed on the brake, my laptop, which had been sitting on the passenger seat recharging, courtesy of the handy cigarette lighter DC inverter thingie i'd picked up from K-Mart, went flying across the car. The plug for the charger was mangled - the power supplying tip broken off and dangling from it's plastic - and the power port on my laptop is all smushed up.

so, i called avi, and he recommended the apple store in tyson's corner, which is where i am now. actually, i'm in the mall, down the hall from the apple store. i went in, pulled out the mangled power cord and handed it to one of the support people. in the apple stores, they call the support people "geniuses" and the sales clerks "specialists." so i said, "you're a genius. can you fix this?"


but he let me plug my mac into a power cord there to test that it still worked. we left it in for a while so we could see it charge. and i spent $130 on a new power cord. and now i get to drive 4.5 hours to pittsburgh. whee. i was supposed to get there at 11. now i'm getting there at 1:30.

ah well. at least my laptop still works.
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