brni (brni) wrote,

more bad news

lets see.

mrs redding died - she was my 9th grade math teacher, and one of the best teachers i've had. she recently had an art opening, last year some time. one of her pieces is hanging in my living room.

my friend kathy who works for me, the one whose sister died a few weeks back? her father's step-son died in his sleep two nights ago, of pneumonia that the drs had proclaimed to be "not that bad."

in the building that houses my company's datacenter in harrisburg (a building called "Pennsylvania Place," which is home to a number of offices, several datacenters, the PA Attorney General, and 25 stories of apartments), a young woman was "accidentally dropped" out of a 23rd story window. the man who did this is employed by the PA gambling control board and related to one of the people in charge of the PA gambling control board. but that's just a coincidence.

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