brni (brni) wrote,

jesus was in her eyes

there's very little i hold sacred. really. but if some glassy-eyed asshole starts to turn my funeral into an hour long infomercial for jesus and eternal life, i am hereby requesting that my friends use all appropriate force in defenestrating said asshole with all due haste.

a funeral is supposed to be about the dead person, and for those closest to the dead person. to use it as an excuse to proselytize the people who came to the memorial while only briefly mentioning the dead person at all is repugnant. and to define the dead person almost exclusively by her handicap the few times you mention her is obscene.

"raise your hand if you are ready to be born again in jesus!"

yeah. how 'bout if i raise my hand and explain some basic ethical concepts to the nice religious people, like BEING RESPECTFUL ENOUGH OF THE DECEASED TO TREAT HER LIKE A REAL PERSON, AND NOT TURNING HER MEMORIAL INTO A MARKETING CAMPAIGN.
Tags: obscenity
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