brni (brni) wrote,

snow follies

we watched the snow plow come - not the county one, come to clear the streets of the foot of snow that dumped on us overnight, but some guy in a pickup truck. he cleared a space in front of judy's driveway, then a space in front of our yard, pushing the snow into a big pile right in front of our driveway. he then proceeded to park judy's car in front of our yard and plowed her driveway.

not particularly well, i might add.

then he gets back in judy's car and tries to put it back in the driveway. no luck. car isn't going anywhere. front wheels on the toyota spin, but the car just sorta inches and slides.

while he's plowing, i'm out there shovelling my own drive. it's a warm snow, heavy and wet, and with each shovelful, half the snow sticks to the shovel and has to be banged off. loki is not impressed with this snow. usually she loves running around in it, chasing after snowballs. this stuff is just too wet for her tastes. she doesn't much like the wet. she's the prissiest pit bull ever, i'm tellin' ya. i clear the walkway and the front third of the driveway; to proceed further we'll need to clean off the cars and move them. and then the plow driver gets judy's car stuck.

so i go over and help push. turns out he forgot to take off the emergency brake. duh. almost slid the car into his own truck. once he got the car back in the drive, i asked if he'd please move the pile out from in front of my driveway before he leaves.

"I always clean up before I leave a site," quoth the snow plow man.

and he did. in fact, he cleared out most of the street in front of my house, which was certainly more than i'd asked for, and more than he was responsible for. so i guess his earlier indiscretions are forgiven.

a short while later, jason came home. jason lives across the street. he was apparently out all night, doing what? we shall not speculate. he pulled up in front of our house, got out of his car, inspected his driveway's pristine state, and made a judgement call.

when someone says, "i made a judgement call," it's usually a way to avoid saying, "i fucked up." so, a minute later, jason's car is stuck, back half of the car jutting out into the street. oops. well, he goes to chang's; he'll persevere.
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