brni (brni) wrote,

written in transit

Pittsburgh wants me to stay: that much is clear.

Verizon failed to dispatch someone to actually test and turn up our circuits last week, twice promised, twice lied. Today they sent the tech to a bank instead of to our building, then sent someone without appropriate keys, and sent someone with a flakey Tberd, who’d lost his phone charger and ran out of battery trying to get things tested. Then he spent over an hour on my cell phone just trying to get a tester on the line so we could finish up.

I’d planned on being home before 5pm. The plan was to get out of Pittsburgh by 10am at the latest, make a pit stop in Bedford to work on some stuff briefly over there, then off to Harrisburg to check on the HVAC installation, and be back in the Philly area in time to stop at Communication Cable and pick up a bunch of 75 Ohm BNC connectoids.

So, I got out of Pittsburgh at just after 4pm. It’s now quarter of 7, and I’m sitting in the exact same spot I was in 2 hours ago, somewhere between Donegal and Somerset. There’s a rumor that an accident has closed all eastbound lanes on the turnpike. I believe them.

The street has gone dark; the trucks and cars, an unmoving line, have shut down their lights, killing their engines to save gas. It’s gonna be a long night.

(so the way it panned out was this: i got stuck in traffic at abt 5ish, or a bit earlier. traffic started moving around 7ish, and at 7:40 i finally worked my way up to the crash site. the crash apparently involved several flatbed trucks full of sheetrock, which mingled quite interestingly with the shattered remains of the cement of the highway divider.)
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