brni (brni) wrote,

the sake crisis

so the liquor store in devon has been out of our sake for a month now - gekeikan gold being the preferred bottle, being decent while not overpriced. instead, the shelves are filling with sake ranging from $30/bottle and up. craziness.

so yesterday i stopped in the berwyn liquor store. it wasn't on the shelves there. turns out it has been "delisted" - they will no longer be stocking this item. this is bad.

so today, i stopped at the wayne liquor store. there were ONLY 2 BOTTLES LEFT. of course i snatched them up. now they, too, are out of gekeikan gold sake. it was a sad day, and i was worried about the future of our weekends. had it been delisted statewide? *makes a frowny emoticon*

well, i get home. sitting on the kitchen counter are bags of sake. apparently, linda hit the liquor store in wayne shortly before me and bought up most of the stock. all your sake are belong to us. normal people go to the grocery store and stock up on eggs and milk when it snows. we stock up on sake.

somebody's got their priorities all screwed up. but i don't think it's us.
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