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I'm not sure whether this has gotten any attention at all outside of NETWORK/TELECOM circles, but there's been a sudden increase in submarine cable cuts in the past week. These are the sorts of communications cables that host significant amounts of fiber and are used for international and inter-continental communications, and carry both telephone and internet traffic.

In the last week, there have been 5 cable cuts, almost one a day. The conspiracy theory folks have been having fun with this, and, frankly, they may have some foundation. All the 5 of the cable cuts have occurred in the waters surrounding the middle east, and large parts of the middle east have been knocked out of internet and telephone communication with the world. India has also been affected. The fifth cut, which happened yesterday, knocked Iran off the map, but they are back up now via a cable to Singapore.

A friend of mine has suggested that if this is a prelude to military action, we should expect it on the new moon, Feb 8th. Theories I've heard include that it's Al Queda (since Saudi Arabia is one of the hardest hit countries), that it is a prelude to a military strike by the US against Iran, and that the cables are being broken and then, while the cables are being repaired in one place, the NSA is putting a tap on them somewhere else.

In the meantime, I bring you yet one more theory:
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